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The Allowance is a non-taxable payment you can get if:

  • you are age 60 to 64
  • you live in Canada
  • your spouse or common-law partner get Guaranteed Income supplement (GIS)
  • your combined annual income is less than $34,704

Find out if you are eligible.

Why you may have to apply

If you were in receipt of the Allowance and your spouse or common-law partner has passed away, you will be automatically converted to the Allowance for the Survivor.

When to apply

You should apply for the Allowance 6 to 11 months before you turn 60.

When payments start

The Allowance payments will begin during one of the following months, whichever is latest:

  • the month after you meet the eligibility requirements
  • the month after you turn 60
  • the month your spouse or common-law partner becomes entitled to the GIS, or
  • up to 11 months before to the date we received your application (if you applied after you turn 60)

Allowance pension amount

The combined income of you and your spouse or common-law partner will determine how much you could receive.