Should Prime Minister Justin Trudeau resign from his Liberal Party leader position?
  • Yes 64%, 439 votes
    439 votes 64%
    439 votes – 64% of all votes
  • No 29%, 199 votes
    199 votes 29%
    199 votes – 29% of all votes
  • I don’t really care… 7%, 45 votes
    45 votes 7%
    45 votes – 7% of all votes
Total Votes: 683
September 4, 2023September 24, 2023
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Please be advised that this site is not affiliated with the pension office.
It was created to provide general pension information only.

You can change/update your mailing address through the following options:

1) Call centre

Call pension call centre directly at 1-800-277-9914. The agent on the phone will be able to help you update your address directly on the file.

2) In-person

Visit your local Service Canada centre to request your address change if you are unable to use the call centre option.

3) In writing – By mail or drop-off at local Service Canada centres

You can write down your address change request on a blank piece of paper and mail it to your dedicated pension processing office based on your postal code or drop-off your request at a local Service Canada centres.

4) Online – My Service Canada Account (MSCA)

The best way to update your pension address is by login into your MSCA. It is quick and easy, however you must have the online account preregistered and authenticated with a Personal Access Code (PAC).

Please do keep in mind that pension program, EI and CRA don’t share your address information. Therefore, you must make sure to update your address individually with every program.